The Working Dog Foundation/New Hampshire Police K-9 Academy provides patrol, tracking, narcotic detection and EOD training for K-9 teams. Instruction is also provided in K-9 first aid and CPR training as well as specialized seminars each year. Patrol work consists of obedience, agility, article search, building search and apprehension training.

Academy Director
Officer John Usher (Ret)

New Hampshire Police K-9 Academy

The New Hampshire Police K-9 Academy is located at the Sig Sauer Academy, Epping, NH. The Working Dog Foundation has established a U.S.P.C.A. sanctioned training site and a quality training program to ensure the success of the K-9 teams and to enhance the safety of our citizens.

Our academy offers a comprehensive training program for Police K-9 teams in all stages of training and street level experience. Our training site is a United States Police Canine Association sanctioned training facility. We train not only for trial preparation but for realistic street scenarios, vital to any New England K-9 team. With acres of wooded area, various out-buildings and a certified agility area, the academy offers a superior training experience and high quality/low cost value for your K-9 unit's needs.

Each year the academy and foundation sponsors classes in emergency K-9 care, obedience & tracking seminars, Police K-9 tactics, K-9 behavior and other training opportunities for its K-9 teams.

Our program is designed to meet the needs of police agencies in our area. Our on-going in-service training meets on a continuing basis, every Monday. Training days are designed to work on problem solving, use of the most up to date training tactics in the K-9 field and keeping accurate, timely training logs of the K-9 teams, as well as preparation for the 2x yearly certifications.

The low, yearly membership fee entitles a K-9 team to join our proven academy.

The trainers at the New Hampshire Police K-9 Academy have over 150 combined years of experience. They have judged and titled dogs under such organizations as the United Police Canine Association, North American Working Dog Association, Police Canine Association of America and Eastern Police Canine Association.